Saturday, April 16, 2011

Kolkata Snapshots (Photoblog)

Just some images from my gambols around office

Nothing more refreshing on a hot summer day

Sweet somethings

Doorway to Nowhere

O hai!!!

Camera shy

Capturing the frame

Fortunes told (with extra spice)

Going UP!!!


Ajesh said...

I'm delighted! I have seen photographers wasting an entire reel to take a single shot! A perfect one...! Luckily, when you were taking these shots, I was with you. I have seen how so many perspectives can be taken by JUST ONE CLICK! Phew! That's AMAZING!!! I have handled a D500 for 3 long years... but rarely saw someone with such a brilliant NIKKOR eye capable of guessing the exact shot even before taking it. Very few photographers are capable of doing that (personally, i'm still struggling to develop it). And for people who will see these shots, I must inform them... guys, these are taken by a nokia cell phone!

Trust me... you must give it a try! You have it in you! You must buy a SLR someday.

sneha said...

This is nice. Different form the other blogs. Keep surprising us this way.