Saturday, November 14, 2009


What can I say? I'm a fan. You come here, you got to take the occasional bout of superhero worship.

Empty lights
The heat on the street's giving way to
Winter nights
A silent moon
Faded and cold by the clouds
Lies in ruins
It dies stillborn
Black shadows cover it like a shroud
The noise is loud
In his head, theres doubt
In his heart, steps he takes
Like a runaway car
He's cut the brakes
He's moving on, no telling when he'll stop
Don't tell him now,
Too late anyhow
Just another angry strike
There's nobody there
The ground slips away
He's falling in empty air
He wants to live, but doesn't know
How to live he can't grow
Out of the shadows, he'll crash and burn
Tumble off the edge and into the urn
Darkness spring to life
Strangle, choke, the clubs and knives
Teeth and claws
A bloody mess
He's begging them to stop
He don't know why
His fear real, his life a lie
A breath of air, wafts in from the dark
He holds on, sputters back to solid ground
In the knight sky, shining like an ark
Brighter than the sun, he has found
His primal call, training takes over
No more ducking for cover
Moves like a serpent, a cobra's strike
The shadows scatter and run
Now he's having fun
The crack of skulls, the snap of bone
Anguished screams of those who hide
He's larger than life, the streets are his own
Alone he will answer, the call for a saviour
He's the darkness that stands in the light
Fear itself, he's the darkest knight.

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Rangan said...

What can I say?
I'm a fan. You write stuff like this, you earn a disciple.
Its a masterpiece man!!!

"In Gotham, night has his face...
Call the devil, and the devil will answer back...."