Monday, May 12, 2008

Moody Blues

I have been getting pretty moody lately. I never know why, It's just that I feel my life is getting in a rut, and nothing no new job, no new friends, no nothing can pull me out of it. it isn't one of the heartbreaking, sob-inducing depressions I used to have, it's just like I've become more resigned to things. I find it very dangerous. Thankfully I'm reading again, not heavily, but at least Pratchett is drawing me in like he used to. I'm pretty glad I bought the Tiffany Aching series despite initial reservations. Generally Pratchett's witch books are IMHO slightly weaker of the lot (Particularly because I find Granny Weatherwax just too bloody predictable), but here keeping her as a minor character has really worked. If anything it has made the second book superior to the first one, which had no character other than Tiffany, really.

Tried to watch Shaurya today, man what a crap movie. I cannot understand this fixation people have over Rahul Bose, the supposed thinking man's hero. The man plays essentially the same character in every movie, and can't do comedy worth a damn. When Javed Jaffery outperforms you in a dramatic role, no less, it's just sad. The plot is waaay too contrived for my taste, with things happening just so other things can happen. And as a journalist, it's almost insulting to see the female lead, a "reporter" go to the house of her subject and ask about his father, not knowing he(the father) is dead. Shekhar Suman did it better on TV ten years ago, and he did it pretty bad to begin with. And then she lectures people about doing their job right. I will post a proper review later, but it just pisses me off to see a movie like this and know that it came from something like A Few Good Men. Not to sound like an absolute dick , but why is it that a supposedly visual Hollywood movie like iron Man can have a better and more meaningful script than a Bollywood thriller?

Talking about hollywood, I really think manyof the summer blockbusters are going overboard with the marketing. I feel like I have seen too much of TDK already, and the new trailer was so disjointed, it was quite disappointing. The ideal marketing strategy would be to build up the hype, so that the movie comes off almost like a crescendo, a huge splash after the big wave has hovered in the air for that split second. Here it's breaking apart. Give us a break now, hollywood.

I realise this was different from most of my columns, starting off as a "how i am" thing before going off into films, but hey, it's my blog, and nobody reads it anyway. So sue me.


Raghav said...

clearly you have an opinion on everything, right?
good to see.
interesting read, and im guessing that you like katrina kaif?!

Anonymous said...

So the Kat's out of the bag! Anirban, you write very well...but do get outta that bored feeling. I would love to recommend Richard Bach to you. Go get a copy of 'Illusions', Prophecies of a Fake Messiah, though some would rather recco 'Jonathan Livingstone Seagull'. To each his own.

And ofcourse, I cannot at this stage of your life reccommend Ayn Rand's 'Fountainhead'to you. I hope you have already read it in your college years, which is the best age to read it, what with parents to shoulder all responsibilities as one stands on the horizon of life...full of dreams that are only beginning to unfold.

Watch some non-cerebral stuff, that can take away the blues....no ....not the Saas Bahu serials type...not that non-cerebral....but Mr. Beans should work very well.

Or maybe Kat's Namaste London:)